A few month ago we stumbled over the release of a new painting software called Paintstorm Studio.Paintstorm Icon A quick Google search led us to some promissing videos. We did more research and found a serious looking website with:


  • an overview of all cool features
  • save and easy purchase via Paypal
  • email with an activation/license code
  • free lifetime update
  • help section
  • tutorial section

This first impressions convinced us to give it a try. Time to start playing around with the new toy!

At the beginning of September Version 1.40 of Paintstorm Studio was released.

This is our experience so far:

  • It is very easy and intuitive to set up the settings for a brush and achieve pretty good results
  • Even for beginners it is not very hard to get into digital painting with this software
  • For professionals a fully customizable interface provides the option to optimize the workflow and set up things to their needs
  • For just 19$ this tool can be a reasonable painting alternative to other professional painting software like Adobes Photoshop or Corel Painter
  • Paintstorm Studio supports layers, blendmodes, stroke stabilizer and much more. One of the features is a really awesome color mixer
  • For Photoshop users it might be appealing that PSS supports the .psd file format
  • Wacom graphic tablets support

The developers team provides some video tutorials to get familiar with the different features and settings. More support comes from a forum and a deviantart community. Our personal experience is that the devs team answeres very fast to questions via email.

If you have become interested you should give it a try. Test painting with Painstorm Studio with 15 days trial version.